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About Me

Hey there! I am Sparsh from Jammu. Welcome to my blog!

I am glad that you checked out my About page. I am a passionate designer & a digital marketer professional.

I have always been attracted to design since childhood. As a kid I always used to be involved in things like sketching the last sheets of my notebooks, designing tattoos, cartoons, and names, basically pouring out all my creativity on that sheet of paper.

And as time passed by I learned the valuable skill of digital marketing and combined both the skills to open up a world of opportunities for myself.

And now I’m dedicated to create resources to help you learn more about design and marketing.

I shall provide you with a lot of informative posts and lessons on various topics of Graphic Designing, and Digital marketing.

If you’d like to try the first step of this journey with me, be sure to Subscribe to try out the free lessons I offer here on my website. They’ll give you the opportunity to see if my approach can assist you.

If you Subscribe, you’ll also get emails from me every couple of weeks with Free Designing and Digital marketing tips and motivational blogs all aimed at helping you to reach your goal.

Wish you all the very best.

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